Why Real-Time Communication Is Crucial for Hotels

Hotel Industry News: Why Real-Time Communication Is Crucial for Hotels

As the experts on Hotel Carpet Cleaning, we love to share articles on the hotel industry when we come across them. We read this article about how crucial Real-Time Communication is to Hotels and thought you’d find it valuable.

Reprinted from HotelNewsUSA

In the modern world, the hotels are not only about a comfy bed and luxurious bathroom, the new innovations in technology have made it difficult for hoteliers to provide full customer satisfaction to hotel guests on their stays. Whether the guest at your hotel is a business traveler or a family who has come for spending vacations – travelers expect their hotel to be reliable, pleasant, and even luxurious for a memorable experience.

Have you ever thought about how some hotels manage to get remarkable reviews from their customers again and again?

Hotel guests are constantly looking for luxury and comfort on their stay, all within an affordable budget. While searching for hotel rooms online, most of the travelers search in for hotels that have attractive rooms with modern style beddings and bathrooms, but now, the time has fully changed, the travelers expect the hotels to be more tech-savvy.

The excellent plan to provide guests the seamless experience is to let them get in touch with you on the spot. By facilitating real-time interaction with your hotel, you’ll be able to provide guests with the accessibility that optimizes their stay.

Oracle report for Hospitality Industry

According to an Oracle report, Hotel 2025, 68% of hotel operators predict that the use of robots for check-in and checkout will be mainstream by 2025. Many hotels have already adopted AI for the best customer experience and in the meantime, it has become a necessity for the hospitality sector to move on with new technologies. The study reveals that 64% of U.S. hotel guests think it’s necessary for hotels to invest in technology that improves the guest experience. The same report explained that 94% of business travelers and 80% of leisure travelers want to use their smartphones to demand service and message staff, highlighting the value of real-time communication.

Hotels should invest in technologies that can enable guests to be able to communicate with the hotelier through mobile phone applications,
before booking a room. It is important to give the guest various ways for that real-time communication. Let us see how?

Live Chat Tool

A live chat tool is basically an on-the-spot messaging system that is specially authorized to your hotel’s website. It connects potential customers to a service agent in real time. This services can help the guest in many ways while planning to book a room in your hotel. Many people hesitate to call in every single hotel to inquire about the rooms and more, therefore, with this system the person can directly ask the questions regarding booking and pricing.

Social Media Appearance

There is not a single hotel left who doesn’t have a social media channel, but from all, only half of the channels are active. It is important to respond to the queries of customers on social mediums, and if a guest tags your page in any of their memorable journeys, make sure to greet them well.

Hotel’s Smartphone Applications

There was a time when calling the front desk and concierge for assistance was the laziest thing to do. You need to get up from the bed and reach the hotel extension for calling someone. Today’s hotel customers can text hotel team members on Smartphone Apps.

At the Marriott International and Hilton Honors apps, the guest can finish the check-in process before arriving, unlock the room with a mobile key and even text the hotel staff for inquiries.

Other brands, such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Loews Hotels, are developing this technology. According to John Lubanski, an AAA Diamond inspection manager, a hotel’s quality of connective technology will become an industry standard that will factor into how AAA rates properties in the future.

Facilitating real-time communication will surely give your guests exceptional comfort and enhance the experience of your own team to optimize the guest experience.

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