Professional Industrial Cleaning Services

With 25 years of experience in warehouse and industrial cleaning, we know that the machines used in warehouses can cause pallet shavings, dust, and debris to float through the air. These shavings, dust, and debris leave residue on machines, equipment, and materials. This can then cause certain health issues and work hazards. The best way to impress a client is with a good first impression!

Atlantic Coast Cleaning can create a cleaner, healthier work space for you and your employees; but most importantly can give you an organized, well-controlled appearance to customers. We provide a variety of preventative maintenance schedules that will suit your individual company’s needs and budget.

 We provide all of the necessary equipment for any project; whether it is brooms and sweeping machines or ride-on or walk-behind scrubbers that we need for your space. You can expect no more wasted expenses on purchasing and repairing equipment. With regard to your company’s expenses, you won’t see any hidden charges for chemicals or labor on your bill.

Let us vacuum the ceiling rafters, lights, duct pipes, and walls that accumulate dust and debris. We will scrub the floors that need a deep cleaning, and remove dirt and grime from the fork trucks and pallet jacks that you use every day. Our industrial grade vacuum systems, scissor lifts and floor scrubbing machines will give your facility a professional image that your customers will appreciate working with.

industrial cleaning

 We offer free estimates on any project, and we will get the job done efficiently and properly. Let us transform your space today! 781-344-7144

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