Why your hotel needs video marketing

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Even without taking a deep dive into the statistics, one could safely assume video is becoming an increasingly popular medium with hotel guests.

It’s engaging, easy to digest, and easy to share with others.

For hotel marketers, it should be looked at as a first priority when creating strategies to attract bookings. A quick look at YouTube and the one billion people watching more than six billion hours of video each month will tell you how popular videos are.

Humans are notoriously emotional animals and the best way to engage them on this level is through video. Consider that people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, but 70% of what they hear and see.

It makes sense to use video in at least some of your marketing efforts, even if you don’t have the budget or time to go full scale.

The case for hotel video marketing

If you haven’t already looked into using video marketing for your hotel, take note of these seven key stats:

  1. The likelihood of your site appearing on the first page of Google search results increases by 53 times by adding a video to your website
  2. People are 10 times more likely to engage with and share video content
  3. 20% of users read text while 80% will watch a video with the same content
  4. 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. In two years, the number will rise to 80%
  5. At your property, bookings are 67% more likely to happen when a video tour is available
  6. The click-through rate for introductory emails that include a video increases by 96%
  7. 76% of social media users would share a video if it was entertaining

Hotels have even more reason than other industries to invest in video marketing. Travellers love to find inspiration in video and they see it as a more trustworthy source to ignite their trip planning.

They find it useful in all aspects of their research as these statistics show:

  • 66% watched videos when thinking about taking a trip
  • 52% watched videos when thinking about what type of trip they would like to take
  • 65% watched videos when choosing a destination
  • 54% watched videos when deciding which accommodation to stay at
  • 63% watched videos when looking for ideas for activities at a destination

54% of guests watched videos when deciding what accommodation to stay at.

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What should you use video marketing for at your hotel?

It’s one thing to prove the popularity of video. That doesn’t mean all videos are effective at engaging an audience or provoking action. You need to do more than create a pretty collage of images with a backing track if you truly want your content to be amplified. Use the storytelling strengths of video to send a real message.

People rarely travel for practical or purely rational reasons. Emotions play a massive part so this is where your efforts should be focused. Try to instil awe in viewers with your videos to reach new guests, drive site traffic, and share your hotel’s story.

Three examples of video marketing done right

Some of the world’s most successful hotel use video marketing extremely effectively to influence travellers and increase revenue for their business.

Here are three of the best examples

1. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
‘It’s in our nature’

This commercial is all about the punchline. Using stunning imagery and increasingly touching music, Shangri-La place the environment as backdrop to deliver a message on kindness and companionship, showing guests no matter where they come from, they will be accepted and safely harboured within the hotel.

2. Bugatti Hotels and Resorts
‘Creative luxury’

Here the focus is about the journey. It speaks about the evolution of a person’s life and all that influences it, showing they truly understand the emotions and motivations of travellers and that they know how to give them an experience worth remembering.

3. Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts
‘Sanctuary for the senses’

For a viewer this commercial is almost an assault on the senses. Even though touch and smell can’t be communicated via video, you can feel them being engaged throughout the video. Banyan focuses on trying to place the traveller in the destination, invoking relaxation and pleasure simply through image and sound.

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