Hotel News: How Social Media Has Changed Hospitality Design

Hotel News: How Social Media Has Changed Hospitality Design

As the experts on Hotel & Resort Carpet Cleaning, we love to share articles on the industry when we come across them. We read this article about how Social Media Has Changed Hospitality Design.

While design has been of the utmost importance for restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs, in recent years, its emphasis has increased exponentially because of social media. When ordinary customers, influencers and celebrities are going to take photos and share it with tens to millions of people, the stakes simply become higher. Creating an experience is part of the game.

While many locations have specific places to take photos or rather, to create Instagramable moments, the new trend is to design almost entirely with social media in mind.

It’s All For The Gram

Frankie Delgado might be known to most from Mtv’s The Hills, but his success far exceeds reality television. Now a major player in Los Angeles nightlife, as a partner of SBE/Hyde Sunset, he calls Instagram their “main marketing tool”.

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