6 Reasons to Have Your Hotel Carpets Cleaned During Spring Cleaning

There are few things more satisfying than the after effects of spring cleaning. Throwing out everything that has piled up over the winter can make if feel like brand new. But did you know that having your carpets cleaned can also leave your hotel feeling brand new? Having your carpets professionally cleaned during spring cleaning can actually have a lot of positive effects on your hotel.

Better Air Quality

When carpets are properly cleaned, hidden dust, pollen, allergens, and pet and insect dander can all be removed from the fibers. You are not only eliminating these components from the carpets, but also from the air in your hotel.

Remove Allergy Triggers

Allergies seem to always hit hard during Spring, which means that there’s no better time to get rid of those allergens than now! Carpets often act like a filter and trap allergens in them. If they’re not cleaned correctly, walking over the carpet can disturb them and release them into the air.

Eliminate Dust Mites and Bacteria

Even if your carpet looks clean, there can still be microscopic dust and bacteria settled between the fibers. When you have your carpets professionally cleaned, our technicians use systems that penetrate into the fibers and lift out the dust and bacteria. They then bring the pollutants out of the resort and properly dispose of them.

Prevent Mold Growth

Our technicians use systems that deep clean the fibers of a carpet and remove mold spores and moisture, eliminating the chance for mold to grow. When a carpet is kept clean and dry, mold simply can’t grow on the synthetic fibers.

Remove Stains

Do your carpets have stubborn stains that just won’t come out no matter how hard you try? Having your carpet professionally cleaned with a steam cleaner is a great way to get rid of these soiled spots. These steam cleaners use a hot water extraction method to pull out all of those unwanted blemishes.

Restore Carpet

Carpets have a tendency of becoming dull and worn down after a while. Dust and dirt particles contain very sharp edges that can cut carpet fibers; making your carpet look dingy and frayed. Having your carpets cleaned can remove these dust and dirt particles, preventing them from causing damage!

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